Do you feel like you're fighting a losing battle with your body?

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you're stuck in a cycle of exhaustion, weight gain and frustration?

You wake up every morning feeling tired despite a full night's sleep.

By mid-afternoon, you're desperate for a nap, but when bedtime comes, you're wide awake. You rely on caffeine to power through the day, only to be left jittery and sleepless at night. And despite your best efforts with diet and exercise, the scale stubbornly refuses to budge.

Welcome to the Confidence Unleashed: 30-Day Summer Challenge!

Imagine a summer where you feel energized, in control, and finally in sync with your body.

This isn’t just another diet or workout plan. This challenge is about transforming your mindset, understanding your body’s natural rhythms, and making lasting changes that fit seamlessly into your busy life.

We start July 1, 2024.
Cost: $99.

Mastering Your Mindset with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Our thoughts and language shape our reality. With NLP, we’ll explore how to reprogram your mind to break free from self-sabotaging patterns and develop a mindset that supports your goals.

Aligning with Your Hormonal Cycle for Better Health
Your hormones are powerful regulators of your energy, mood, and metabolism. When they’re out of balance, it’s like trying to drive with the brakes on.
In this challenge, we’ll dive deep into how your hormonal cycle impacts your daily life and how you can work with it, not against it.

Practical Tips for a Busy Summer
Let’s make lasting changes that fit into your hectic schedule. No complicated meal plans or intense workout routines – just simple, actionable steps that you can easily integrate into your day.

Proven Framework for Success: Learn the exact strategies I used to transform my own life, even through pregnancy at 40, postpartum, and perimenopause. This isn't about guessing what might work - it's about proven methods that deliver results.

A Supportive Community: Join a group of like-minded women who understand your struggles and are on the same journey. Share your experiences, get inspired, and stay accountable within a supportive community.

Daily Support & Accountability: You won't be doing this alone. You'll receive daily check-ins, motivation, and guidance to keep you on track, ensuring you stay consistent even when life gets busy.

Personalized Guidance: Receive tailored advice that addresses your unique challenges and goals, Whether you struggle with meal planning, finding time to exercise, or staying motivated, I'll provide solutions that work for you.

Practical Tools & Resources: All content is delivered through the Telegram app, making it easy to consume on the go. You'll get voice notes and group chats that provide practical advice on mindset and habit formation.

Confidence & Consistency: Imagine waking up every morning feeling confident - not just in your body, but in your ability to keep promises to yourself. This challenge will help you break free from the "I can't" mentality and embrace a new mindset of consistency and self-belief.

This isn’t just about losing weight...


  • Waking up every morning feeling confident and energized.
  • No longer feeling stuck or frustrated with your progress.
  • Consistently hitting your goals and celebrating real, lasting results.
  • Having a supportive community and daily guidance to keep you on track.

You've been trying to lose weight for years without success. You're tired of starting over and want to see real changes this time.

You deserve to feel confident and capable, every single day.

Break free from excuses and discover what true consistency can do for you.

Sign up now and get ready to become the greatest version of yourself this summer!

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